Washnow is a laundry service for busy professionals, young families and people who value their time

What we can do for you includes washing, folding, pressing, ironing and dry cleaning, plus free pick up - drop off service in Melbourne for extra convenience.

Using our service means:

  • Closet full of perfectly cleaned clothes - so that you always look great!
  • No time wasted on menial tasks when you can enjoy quality time with friends & family.
  • Excellent customer service and great attention to detail.

The founders of washnow are also our #1 loyal clients - they are passionate about providing exceptional customer care in the fast-paced, busy world we live in. The business is now well established and based on the feedback we get from our customers, we’re happy to say we’re fulfilling our mission! Need help with laundry? Just schedule an order and leave the rest to us! Time is a precious resource - don’t waste yours on laundry! Order from washnow today!