Washnow is a laundry service for busy professionals, young families and people who value their time


  • Tell us where / when to pick up and how you want your clothes washed. We will show up at your convenient time / location and collect your wash bags. We will organise a convenient time and return your clean clothes under 48 hours. How easy was that!

  • First you'll need to register which is really quick and 100% online. You may use email, google or facebook to login and we will verify your mobile number via SMS. Once registered you will be able to schedule your first order!

  • Our site will help you with this - our normal hours are 6-11pm on week days and 11am-7pm on weekends. Once you place your order we will fit you into our schedule and confirm the pickup time (around a 30 minute window).

  • Just send us an email to help@washnow.com.au and we will be more than happy to assist.

  • We know this happens all the time, so we have a password reset link on our login page that will send you an email allowing you to change your password.

  • We will return your clean clothes in 48 hours, provided that the delivery time suits you of course! Our hours for returning clothes are the same as for pickups

  • This is totally up to you! If you are busy and are comfortable leaving the laundry on your front porch (as an example), just tell us your preferences in the "Additional Information" box when you complete your order.

  • With our low cost online business model, we only take payments by the major credit / debit cards via our online payment provider (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).

  • Security is extremely important to us which is why we don't handle your card details - we leave this to the experts! The card details go directly to our payments provider who is also trusted by some of the world's biggest online applications such as Kickstarter, Pinterest and Twitter.

  • We need to have a limit on the amount of washing in a bag due to the size of our machines. We work on the basis of 6kg or 45 litres as a standard washing bag.

  • Not at all! Its all part of the service!

  • Our site will show you the current status of your order! We will also send you an email and text message to confirm the pickup time.

  • The 3 piece special product is limited to standard items of clothing such as pants, jeans, shirts, skirts, jackets, blazers, blouses, ties, sweaters, cardigans and scarfs. Large items of clothing such as dresses, coats, heavy jackets are excluded from this product.

  • Absolutely! After we have delivered your clean washing we will send you a tax receipt via email.

  • We want to hear from you so that we can get any issues resolved quickly! Just send us an email to help@washnow.com.au and we will be more than happy to assist.

  • Our local facilities must all meet the strictest industry standards for care and operated by experienced laundry professionals.

  • At this point in time our model does not include options for selecting specific detergents or other options. However we are planning to add these features to our service in the near future.